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Known as an icon in today's market for its great value, the T90 offers unmatched performance and durability for the price. Featuring a one-piece spear shaft construction with a mid kickpoint, the T90 allows you to really lean into your shots and get them off quickly and on target. The flex free zone is engineered with better material which is a four inch zone where the stick can be cut without affecting the flex. The blade is built with our VRF.2 technology which is the combination of a new high performance foam that deteriorates much slower than regular foam and a carbon stabilizer which reduces torsion and vibrations. The shaft consists of high modulus carbon fiber with three distinct layers for more powerful energy transfer and quicker release.

Weight: 475g

Length: Sr: 60" and 64"

Slim fit: 59"

Int: 57"

Jr: 52"

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